A Collection of Videos and Screengrabs that Highlight

The ClearView  Difference

Underground Garage with Conventional Video Receiver Same Garage, But This Time with ClearView

The Most Amazing ClearView Comparison Video Ever!

Cave Race with LaForge FPV Same Cave Race with ClearView

ClearView vs. Our Venerable YellowJacket Pro with only a 25mW TX with a Whip Antenna!

Unbelievable Tiny Whoop Tour Of A Real Submarine!

(Proof That ClearView  Even Works inside a Steel Pipe)!

A Customer Sent Us This ClearView / LaForge Comparison


Big Whoop Garage Test: Conventional Diversity Receiver

Big Whoop Garage Test: ClearView

Team Big Whoop Metal & Concrete Warehouse Simultaneous Test Video

This is a great test showing 2 receivers getting the exact same video!


Conventional Receiver DVR Screengrab at Phoenix ClearView DVR Screengrab at Phoenix

< Note the enhanced color along with the lack of noise and other video nasties, compared to the conventional receiver screengrab (left). Click to get a closer look. The ClearView OSD (only visible when ClearView is locked) can be moved to any screen. location.

< Because of the lack of breakups and noise (even near the ground), you might think this great little video by Papabatman was recorded onboard! But as you can tell by the ClearView OSD, it was recorded right off his ClearView receiver - meaning that this is what you could be seeing in your goggles or on your monitor if you owned a ClearView. This is a perfect demonstration of the power of this technology!

  <- Low resolution but a great video nonetheless. No sign of noise or breakups.

ClearView with our Vitennas do a great job. Thanks Nodeva!

iPhone Shot of Live Video Feed in Dubai Hotel
 < Pilot had a dirty lens.

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