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Looking for robust and reliable mobile or point to point video reception? Then you should know that today’s higher frequencies bounce more and this often interferes with good reception. Signal bounce causes what experts call “multipathing.” Iftron’s diversity receivers greatly reduce or eliminate multipathing using Iftron's exclusive and advanced diversity technology.
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Please Note: Iftron complies with all FCC regulations governing sales of radio equipment. You may purchase our equipment without a license, but when operated in the United States, a Radio Amateur License is required to operate the equipment sold by Iftron. Fortunately, there is no longer a Morse Code requirement and a license is easy, interesting and even fun to get! In the process, you will learn valuable information about radio broadcasting and safety. Persons operating our equipment in other countries are strongly encouraged to consult their local laws and regulations. FCC radio technician licensing study tests are available online at: http://aa9pw.com/radio

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WattZilla 2.5W 
Because Size Matters
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 WattZilla With Quarter
 Insanely Small - Crazy Powerful - Packed with Features!


Just Released!


YellowJacket RPV

        (See Picture Below)

  • -96dBm Super Sensitivity = Greatest Range
  • Low RSSI Multistage Alarm
  • OSD Menu System (See Product Page)
  • 15 Built-in Stock Frequencies
  • 8 User Programmable Frequencies
  • Info Screen shows Freq, VBatt, RSSI, More
  • Extensive User Programmable Feature List


 Just Released!

Stinger Pro RPV Tx

        (See Picture Below)

  •  True Power ™ Certified 1 Watt Transmitter
  • Input Voltages from 9.75V to 25.2V (3S to 6S!)
  • Plug & Play with Iftron and DJI
  • US and World Frequencies
  • Compact and Lightweight with Efficient Cooling
  • Perfect with our YellowJacket RPV receiver »


The World's Lowest Cost Diversity Receiver!*

Check out our new BlueSky 5.8GHz diversity receiver. As far as we can tell, this is the lowest cost diversity receiver available, yet it sacrifices nothing in performance. All the specs are equal to or better than other low cost diversity receivers yet our price is even lower! Click on the picture for more info -


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